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Good to Know About Contract Research Organizations

A contract research organization or a clinical research organization is a company that aids sponsor companies in conducting research. The research could involve anything from the preclinical development of new market products to post-marketing research activities. Typically, a CRO supports biotechnology, medical devices and pharmaceutical industries. They also support research institutes, universities, and foundations. Read on to know everything…

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Tissue Cross-Reactivity Study and its Applications

Tissue cross-reactivity (TCR) studies are basically screening assays that are used to identify the non-specific and specific binding of test biologics, such as antibodies or antibody-like proteins in different types of human or animal tissues. A TCR study is vital in the development of monoclonal antibodies and other related issues, to ascertain that experimental antibodies do not bind to…

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Necropsy Services: Everything You Need to Know

What is a necropsy? While the term necropsy and autopsy are sometimes used interchangeably, technically they have different meanings. An autopsy is a postmortem examination of a human body, but a necropsy is performed on an animal. Most necropsy laboratories have teams of experts that are highly experienced in performing necropsies on rodents and non-rodents like snails, birds, fish,…

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A Brief Guide to Histology

What is Histology? The study of biological tissue is called histology. It is also known as microanatomy because it involves studying plant, animal and human tissue under a light microscope or an electron microscope. A thin slice of tissue is placed under the microscope and examined after staining. Staining helps in distinguishing various biological structures more easily and accurately….

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Toxicology and its Components

Toxicology includes the study of chemical properties and how they affect the body. It focuses on the adverse effects of chemicals in living organisms that come in contact with them. Toxicology includes the detection, symptoms, pathogenesis, mechanism and treatment of these chemicals. Poison is any chemical that is toxic and can cause serious harm to the body. Toxicologists conduct…

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Things to Know About Histopathology

There are a variety of branches that come under the vast field that is science. One such rapidly growing spectrum is histopathology. This section is related to the study of tissues. There are many research organizations, laboratories and companies that are dedicated to the observation and study in this field. There are a number of things to know to…

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